Tree Surgery / Maintenance: Background

Kings Of Shrubbery are service providers in all aspects of Arboriculture and Tree Surgery. We have the facilities, knowledge and operatives to provide a broad scope of Consultancy and Contracting services. In effect, we are confident we can cover all aspects of your tree maintenance requirements.

Our specialists work with: -

  • Home Owners
  • Local Authorities
  • Estate Managers
  • Architects
  • Developers

Based in Powys, our tree maintenance services are available in and around Mid-Wales, Shropshire and the surrounding areas. Contracts further afield are considered at our discretion.

Our specialist tree surgeons have built a reputation upon a professional approach to every facet of the services we provide. Furthermore, the KOS team are sensitive to the needs of our clients and the environment, at every stage of the process.

Our surgeons understand the importance of your garden to you! They will make it essential that noise levels are kept to a minimum at all stages of the process. Furthermore, the work area will always be kept as tidy as possible.

Tree Surgery / Maintenance: Overview of services

For both domestic and commercial clients, Kings Of Shrubbery can issue consultative support and undertake a full range of services to improve the health, safety and aesthetics of your trees. Our tree surgeons are skilled and competent in specialised techniques and abide by the latest British Standards.

In addition to felling, KOS can dismantle trees in sections – this may be appropriate to avoid damaging vulnerable buildings and gardens. Pruning work includes crown lifting, thinning and the removal of deadwood. More specialist operations include bracing, crane work and stump grinding.

KOS can provide a tracked brushwood chipper which can reduce branches of up to 150mm diameter and can access restricted areas with a minimum width of 0.75 meters. Timber can be processed to suit the client’s requirements – e.g. left safe as fallen, sectioned, stacked, logged or removed from site.

Furthermore, we are competent in planting trees from whips to standards and providing protection from rabbit guards to timber and metal tree enclosures. We also provide aftercare in the form of regular maintenance for new and established plantings.

Tree Surgery / Maintenance: Consultation

Trees are a valuable asset to any landscape – they offer environmental and amenity value! They are also a responsibility and can be a worry where health and safety are an issue. As a landowner or occupier of a property, it is nearly always your responsibility to ensure the safety of your trees.

KOS is competent in Tree Surveys at a domestic and commercial scale and can provide written reports about the health of your trees. We can point out potential hazards and risks associated with the trees and make recommendations to lower those risks. In addition a programme of planned maintenance can be provided.