Kings Of Shrubbery: Service Options

Kings Of Shrubbery is able to offer you the following services at either a domestic or a commercial level: -

Lawn Mowing

Kings Of Shrubbery can provide a one off grass cut or a regular weekly or fortnightly cut throughout the growing season – this depends on the growth rate and general condition of your lawn.

We use a variety of lawn cutting equipment, depending on the scale of the lawn; and with our professional judgment and experience we can determine the correct method and height of cut for individual lawns. This is all subject to the requirements and conditions.

Our service can also include edging, which will add further definition to your lawn by adding to the crisp appearance.

At the end of the day, all the clippings are collected up so you will not have to worry about cleaning up! Waste can be composted on site, or removed for disposal.

Lawn Care Treatments

The average lawn will see a fair bit of wear and tear throughout the year – kids playing football, lawn mowers running over them, etc. In order to keep your lawn looking healthy it needs the care and attention that the rest of your garden gets – at the end of the day, a lawn is a collection of small plants in its own right.

To keep your lawn in peak condition, or to help revitalize a struggling lawn we offer a range of lawn care treatments individually tailored to your lawn. Our care systems can consist of either one off weed or feed applications or a repetitive care plan. At all times we use eco-friendly treatments.

We also offer remedies for your lawn through the application of machinery – this can include scarification and aeration to relieve thatch build up and compaction. These treatments are also great for improving the general health and overall quality of your lawn.


Scarification is a process which is used for removing thatch, moss and dead grass that has collected on the lawn surface. The process radically improves the lawns health – it allows light, air and nutrients to be absorbed by the plants.

The scarification process should only be carried out when the grass is actively growing (spring or autumn)! Between November and March is a ‘NO’ for scarification. It is vital lawns are scarified during the correct months of the year - otherwise they may take years to recover. Kings Of Shrubbery can scarify any size of lawn within reason. We will also collect and remove the debris.


Aeration is a vital part of any lawn care program – the process involves punching a series of small holes across the lawns surface.

The benefits of aeration include; increased airflow to the roots, compaction relief, encouraging new root growth, improve nutrient uptake, improve drainage and improve quality of the soils microbes.

We take the time to remove cores from the lawn - this guarantees the aeration process will be a success.


It may be the case that your existing lawn is too damaged to be replaced? If this is the case we can offer you a turfing service.

Turfing can also be performed to extend your lawn, or to create a new green space!

All turf used is of ‘premium quality’… The turf that dreams are made from!

Hedge trimming

Kings Of Shrubbery rely on quality professional grade equipment, in order to give a very neat and even finish – we will not leave until you are 100% happy – and we will always dispose of the waste in an appropriate manner.

KOS can trim or reduce any size of hedge – this could include a Low Box Privet Hedge, or an overgrown Leylandii. Furthermore, we can be called upon for one-off cuts, or a scheduled maintenance program.

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Tree Care

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Other Services

  • Fruit Tree Pruning
  • Weed and moss treatments
  • Leaf Blowing & Clearing
  • On-Site Garden Waste Disposal
  • General Garden Tidy Up
  • Plant, tree and compost supply
  • Bark chipping supply and install
  • Gravel supply and install
  • Dead Heading, Plant Maintenance & Re-Planting
  • Litter Picking

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